Mario Roman takes the last victory of the year at the Red Bull Override Hard Enduro!

Written by albertofrc

diciembre 7, 2020

It is a race which wasn´t in the calendar, but he decided to take part in it, with the aim of doing his best, and trying to finish the year by finding victory again. With the help of a friend and thanks to the collaboration of SHERCO USA, Mario Román was able to get a motorcycle that he managed to prepare quickly in a single day, incorporating the S3 Parts parts, which provide more comfort and safety to the rider. The decision to run this race was made at the last minute, so the logistical preparation was very scarce, which added an extra difficulty to the event: without a spare camelbak, with borrowed lights, etc., Mario Roman faced one of the most demanding races of the year.

A very cold and technical terrain, with an exhausting circuit of 12kms, in which he ended up riding a total of 126 kilometres, hardly stopping in the pits and managing to finish without suffering cramps -unlike the rest of the participants- demonstrating the excellent physical fitness which he has been showing throughout the year, thanks to the strict training plan developed by Powering OffRoad.

Mario Román was not only able to win, but, as he himself says: «I found my best feelings, similar to those I experienced in Alestrem 2020,» said the pilot.

Definitely, a finishing touch to a very complicated year full of difficult moments such as the interruption of the championship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as crucial decisions in his sports career, such as changing his residence to Andorra in order to carry out more ambitious and demanding training and nutrition plans.

Special Thanks to: Southgreen – Hard Enduro Riders – Moremoto – Sherco Colorado – Sherco USA – S3 – Powering OffRoad



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